Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Seven Rila Lakes

Remember when I posted about the things I need to get done in five months back in February? (Click HERE for that post.)

I'm happy to say I've accomplished all of those things. I went to Varna. I've planned my after-PC trip and I finally hiked the Seven Rila Lakes!

The hike didn't work out exactly how we planned due to the weather on Saturday. But I knew I only had about two weeks left in country so it was a now or never opportunity. Thankfully on Sunday the weather cleared up (albeit windy) and I was able to go! 

I can't  believe it took me over two years to do this! It is so amazingly beautiful and the pictures can't even do it justice. But I'll try...

View from the lift.

Me & Stephanie

Still going... beautiful views

After many takes, this was our best shot. I love it.

Still going...

At the top! 

We didn't stay at the top for too long... the weather up there was windy and the sun was disappearing. And Stephanie and I were wearing shorts. So we walked down. And it was spectacular.

Things you should know about the lakes:
*The micro-buses that supposedly run every day from Sapareva Banya to the lift were not running when we got there. (Go figure. It was Sunday but the locals told us that it didn't matter.) So we had to pay a car to take us up.
*It's 15 leva ($11) for a roundtrip lift ticket.
*The lift doesn't actually take you to the lakes. I was under the impression they did. But there's still a 2ish hour hike for the lakes. 
*The weather changes very quickly in the mountains. Be like a Girl Scout (or Boy Scout) and be prepared.

(One day soon, I'll give y'all the scoop on my three week adventure.)

Countdown update:
1.5 days left in the village (I leave FRIDAY!)
14 days left in country
36 days until Texas


Vicki said...

those lake pictures are breathtaking. Glad you did what it took to get that hike accomplished!
See you before you know it, and the great welcome party is coming my head, at least!!

Claire said...

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