Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The End!

The end of a milestone is here. At midnight I officially become an RPCV. (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer).

27 months of Peace Corps Bulgaria is at an end and in 13 hours I begin my three week backpack adventure.

Right now I'm sitting in Gabi and Yavor's apartment (sweating) and being incredibly thankful for this family. The three of us just walked to the shop so they could buy me snacks, sandwich supplies, water and Cola Light for the eight hour train ride. (Sidenote: I'm sweating now at 11pm. My train is from 12 noon - 730pm. Good gracious, it's going to be hot. And un-air conditioned. Delightful, yes?)

I love that over two years later this family still takes me on as their own and takes care of me. It's a good feeling. Gabi has even taken off work for the day I fly back into Sofia and the day I fly out of Sofia to Dallas at 540am! Good people, for sure!

To my fellow PC-BGers.... love yall. Catch yall on the flip side. I'll be in charge of our 5... 10... 7.5(?) year reunion. Don't worry.

To PC-DC... No big complaints. Thanks for letting me serve in Bulgaria for 27 months.

To Bachevo and Bulgaria... Much love. It's (mostly) been fantastic.

To America... thanks for the emails/facebook messages/love. Spending over two years away has made me realize how much I love my country (and my State if we're getting specific). We have a lot to be proud of and thankful for.

There'll be plenty of time for these. Any special requests?! I've got all sorts of colors with me and nothin' but time... :)

There is so much more to write and to say and be thankful for but now, this is it.
I'm tired and hot and need to sleep!

Can yall believe it's over?!

RPCV Bulgaria 2009-2011


Vicki said...

A poignant farewell...so glad it has been such a good and enriching experience! And I'm thankful for the opportunity to "know" and love the people who you came to know and love, both Bulgarians and your PC Buds. PC ought to offer you a recruiting job! Though maybe that ought to be your volunteer thing and you seek out the high value package deal for your next job!!

kristen said...

AMAZING!! i cant even imagine how amazing your whole trip has been. i bet you are so excited to come back but so sad to leave. I hope we cross paths again when you come back! i love the bracelets too!!

Manda said...

I request a neon colored braid thing!