Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Final Week Plans

Turns out this is my 198th entry. What actually might be pathetic about this is that I've had this blog since June of 2006. Which means that I've averaged 40 entries per year. Maybe for my 200th I'll do something special! :)

I'm out of the village but I haven't gone too far yet. I'm teaching Journalism for one week at a camp at the American University in Bulgaria. It's the same camp I taught at last year. Although this year there's 170 teenagers from 14 different countries. It's an awesome camp and such a great opportunity for these students! We've got our own blog (that all classes are contributing to)... check it out HERE. Not one of the kids is a native English speaker, so check out their writing and be impressed!

When I'm not chasing around groups of teenagers, I'm putting the final touches on my 3 week backpacking adventure... it should go like this:
Serbia (Beograd)
Bosnia (Sarajevo & Mostar)
Croatia (Dubrovnik or Split & Zagreb)
Hungary (Budapest)
Austria (Vienna)
Slovakia (Bratislava)

It's going to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself... There were so many more places I wanted to go but there just isn't enough time. I guess I'll just have to come back to Central Europe and go to Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, etc...

There are about six more days of being an official Peace Corps Volunteer. Come next Tuesday, I will become an RPCV. (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) 

Then the trip begins... and before I know it, I'll be arriving on Texas soil for the first time since May 19, 2009 and eating at El Fenix with my parents.

Life is good, y'all.


Vicki said...

Goodness, Veeves...just 6 more days to read the last book to bring it up to 75 Books Read in PC!! Hope you can find the time to read with all those pesky kids around!! JK...I did read the blog and I am impressed by their writing skills, and I know you'll enjoy their company as much as you did last year.

Your trip will be so incredible, and we can hardly wait to have you home.

Savor every moment, and keep your eyes open to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (We've got beauty too, but it's different, as you know!)

Lyndsey said...

Don't forget my rousing chorus of Edelweiss in Austria!

Spencer said...

I need a blog post about 98 days till Doha.