Monday, July 18, 2011

My Peepz!

Just a quick update... and no pictures... sorry!

I've been traveling for five days and all is well! :)

I'm in Zenica, Bosnia (outside of Sarajevo) now and will soon head on to Mostar, Bosnia. After Mostar, I'll spend a couple of days in Split, Croatia (on the coast!). Then on to Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava! It's hot out here but super nonetheless.

Oh, and for anyone that will ever travel from Sofia, Bulgaria to Beograd, Serbia. Just know that the train is 11 hours. NOT the eight they tell you (or that's printed on the ticket). I took the 12.25 train and didn't arrive until after 01.00. (Incredibly delayed and unpleasant.) 13 HOURS in the heat. Not my favorite part of the trip. 

If you ever travel from Beograd to Sarajevo... go with the bus! Only 4 euro more and AIR CONDITIONED! In the middle of summer, it makes a HUGE difference! Trust me!

And THANK YOU to all of y'all who have sent me emails and comments regarding the blog! I have no idea how many people follow this blog or check it out in Google Reader but I've been so thankful for the well wishes from people around the world! Once I get back to the States, we can all decide together what to do with my life! 

...Any ideas or suggestions?! :)

Time for Mostar! (And traveling by CAR!)


Vicki said...

Yo, Veeves! I am glad for all the possibility thinking you are doing...but remember, you have to stay in TX long enough to savor the Great State Fair of Texas (say this out loud, low and slow, and preferably thru a PA system,)and then you'll want to experience TG with the fam, and before you know it, you are used to being home and you LOVE IT!!
Gotta run...there's the timer...

Priyanka Kapoor said...

Hi Veeves, its great that u have got the opportunity to travel to so many places, enjoy your trip learn new things and this is the age to explore new places and gather knowledge. i like traveling and to know about new places all over the world, that's y i was searching for travel blogs and here I am. good post...

Lyndsey said...

I realize travel to the Hamptons is slightly different, but I was also pleasantly surprised to discover the bus was superior to the train!