Friday, July 01, 2011

Only 2 hours left in the village....

I've pretty much packed up all of my things. I put two years of stuff into two backpacks. And that's it.

I'm leaving Bachevo... the village that's been my home for two years. It's crazy that this day is finally here and our B25 group has started heading back to America! It's a bittersweet feeling leaving here. I've said my goodbyes and given my well-wishes. I'll be at a camp for a week and in 12 days, I'll begin my backpacking trip for three weeks. It'll be time for Texas before we know it!

So to the village of Bachevo, thanks for two years.
You've done me well. 
(Except for the winters!)  


Vicki said...

You've given your best and received so much in all you've got to do is read two more books to bring your list to an even 75!

Senorita said...

I have followed your blog since you joined the Peace Corps, and now it's over. I can't believe how fast time flies. Good luck readjusting back in the US.

Catherine said...

For all of us that have followed you since the beginning, we can't believe this time has come either. What a journey it has been and the memories that you have will be so sweet for a life time. We are so proud of you!