Friday, February 10, 2012

It's my lunch break right now and I'm still sitting in my office. (Because I got an office a couple of weeks ago!) 

And if I don't do this now, I'm pretty sure it won't happen before the week ends.

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: 
I'm counting my Super Bowl Party cooking as my thing for the week. In no way did I make all of this. There were 20ish people there and enough of the guys brought their girlfriends so we had TONS of food. The thing on the left that's mostly gone in that old school baking dish is Pizza Dip. And I am so proud to say I did not make this... JLN did. All by himself. He didn't want my help at all. So cute.

My dish was Cookie Dough Dip. Delicious. Rich. You should probably only make it once every five years. I mean, it's not Paula Deen but it definitely uses a stick of butter.

 Thank you Pinterest.

More importantly...
My Moon & Lola (large purple acrylic) Monogram Necklace came in the mail yesterday! It was worth the six weeks wait to get it. (I'd assume now it would move a little faster since it's not holiday season.) They have so much cute jewelry. And lots of custom monogrammed things! Ah, I love all things monogrammed. 

Happy Weekend!


Vicki Goode said...

That food still looks good, even if Super Bowl is sooo yesterweek!

And I love the necklace too.

Whatcha cooking next, hmmm?

Lyndsey said...

Dadgum, that sounds good. And I continue to be jealous of your feast! And am now jealous of your necklace - super cool! Still waiting to see pics of your new cool guy glasses!